What is Raising STRONG Boot Camps

At Raising STRONG Boot Camps, we help busy families who struggle with connecting with and empowering their children to grow strong kids in body, mind and spirit by providing exercises and challenging activities in an inspiring, educational boot camp format. 

Our Philosophy:

Why Raising STRONG Boot Camps? The Mission of Raising STRONG Boot Camps is to help us ALL get moving and growing STRONG in body, mind and spirit together. A STRONG body allows us to move and to do the things in life that challenge us physically. A STRONG mind allows us to overcome any mental challenges, to think through obstacles and come up with solutions. A STRONG sprit allows us to to know that we are enough even when the world tells us that we aren’t; to overcome life’s difficulties and be our best selves-every, single, day. At Raising STRONG Boot Camps we learn to embrace life’s daily demands and raise up resilient kids who are well-balanced and well-prepared to know where they fit into this world and the value of being strong for themselves and for others.  

Our Methods:

Raising STRONG Boot Camps began as Raising Strong Girls Boot Camps, with a group of about 20 moms and their girls in the summer of 2017, in the basement of a church. Meghan determined there are too few opportunities to truly connect with and encourage our kids to get moving and to learn how to be STRONG for themselves and others. Since that summer Raising STRONG has grown to offer three distinct areas of programming from girls-only programming, to coed-kids programming, to family-focused programming and now it has reached thousands of girls, kids and families teaching them to embrace their STRONG and live a truly awesome life.

Our Goal:

To raise up the next generation of STRONG girls, kids and families who know how to be strong in body, mind and spirit and to impact the world in a positive way. We want to make RSBC programming available to every girl, child and family who needs to know the power of living a STRONG life and training to embrace an awesome mindset. We would love to never hear of another child being impacted by anxiety, depression or suicide, or school bullying or fighting and know that our training can help change these terrifying statistics. By teaching our kids to be tough and thoughtful, kind and strong, friendly and fierce, nice and brave-we truly can positively impact the world. We know that we are shaped by our past, so let’s make our future brighter together for all of us! 


Raising STRONG Boot Camps is excited to offer educational, motivational boot camp-style training to help you discover what STRONG means to you!

Our fitness boot camps focus on finding your STRONG in body, mind and spirit.

Boot Camp Training:

-Raising STRONG Girls, Raising STRONG Kids, Raising STRONG Families

Team and Group Training:

-Raising STRONG Teams/Group Training focused on how we are stronger together

Individual, Personalized Training

-For the individual who thrives Solo


Raising STRONG Boot Camps is proud to present STRONG training.

Training objectives that can help you improve your business, group or team.

-Leadership Training

-Personal Development

-Team Coaching

-Course #1-Learning to Lead: Raising STRONG Training Course

-Course #2-Lead the Leaders- Advanced Raising STRONG Training Course


Speak STRONG will teach you life-lessons focused on changing the way you speak to yourself, your family, your organization or your team.  Learn to speak up through leadership lessons, personal development, inspirational and motivational life changing actions and application activities, with reflection to make it easy to remember and apply what is learned.

Schedule your Speak STRONG session today for your next event:

-Motivational Keynote Speaking

-Interactive Breakout Sessions

-Team/Group Training

-Leadership Development