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“I am the founder of the Raising STRONG Boot Camps, a personal coach and trainer, a motivational speaker and the blessed mama to two amazing girls!”

Bullying is simply the worst behavior possible, and we have to accept the challenge to make a change to teach our kids how to stand up for and speak up for those who can’t…

As a parent, we all want our kids to do the right thing-but sometimes they just don’t know how to make those choices when they are with their friends. It all began with overhearing some girls saying something mean about another girl with a disability, but upon hearing no one speak up-Meghan knew we all could do better.  After that day, and speaking with her daughter about how she could have spoke up, Meghan decided a change needed to occur in our world. It started by teaching her daughters that they need to know how to stand up for others as well as themselves, and the vision for Raising STRONG Boot Camps was developed. 

Why Raising STRONG? STRONG -the acronym, means different things to different people, and that is okay! We all need to embrace what makes us the same and what makes us different, but we also need to realize that even though we all start with the same beginning (a blank slate) we get to choose what we want to focus on for ourselves as we get older- join us to find your STRONG with Raising STRONG Boot Camps and start living your best life today! 

Meghan’s training in the military- along with her background in Physical Education, Health Education and as a Physical Therapist Assistant combined with her love for movement education resulted in the unique Raising STRONG Boot Camps programming. Raising STRONG Boot Camps’ programming is focused on exercise, personal development and personal growth and includes a daily challenge to implement what was learned and positively impact the world.    


We cannot hold others back when they attempt to rise, so let’s rise stronger together!

 Every single day we have the chance to impact the world in a positive way and it starts with the people we interact with most in our lives-our families, our kids, our friends or the people we work with…but how do we really know when they are struggling? How can we do more to reach them when they need to know they are enough even as the world tries to tell them each and every day that they aren’t? We often fail with positive self-talk, affirmations and being our best selves daily-but that doesn’t mean we give up and stop trying! 

Meghan wants to see the world we live in change, and knows that it starts with each of us. Teaching our kids the value of standing up for themselves and others, and that they are enough no matter what anyone says, and that there is nothing in this world worth hurting yourself or others over. 

We ALL have to do more if we want to see a change in the future-let’s accept the challenge to change the world together and make the future brighter for all of us! 


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