Kids perform the true colors inclusion activity while participating in a Raising STRONG Boot Camps event.

This activity right here…
It brings out all the feelings…
inclusion or disappointment, bullying or acceptance, how we feel when someone else tries to break the rules that we thought we had to follow….this activity has a HUGE impact on ALL the kids and the families who take part in it…
We realize how we feel when we are left out…we realize it can really hurt. 
As Raising STRONG Boot Camps, the kids and the families realize how we can make a connection with someone who feels alone, left out, ignored or sad because they don’t fit somehow…
Together we realized that even as adults sometimes we are so busy following the rules that we don’t know how to listen to the little voice in our heads telling us it’s ok to be more accepting of others!!!
This is my new favorite activity with Raising STRONG Boot Camps and it has a HUGE impact!
If you are ready to make a big difference and impact in your kids lives and in the lives of others, you need to join us for our upcoming Raising STRONG Boot Camps.
***Please share with your friends and if they register, you both will get an incredible free gift!
Infinity Martial Arts
Raising STRONG Kids Boot Camp (Co-ed)
Monday 5:30-6:30

Fitchburg Rec
Raising STRONG Girls Boot Camp (Girls-Only)
Thursday 5:30-6:30
Raising STRONG Kids Boot Camp (Co-ed)
Thursday 6:30-7:30
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