During our Raising STRONG training we focus on Affirmations…The “I am” statements that help us believe in ourselves a little more each and every day. We ALL know that we have to continuously build up the positive in our lives, especially as the world (and that nasty, little voice in our heads) likes to tell us that we are not enough, but are we sharing this knowledge with our kids daily and repeating it out loud every single day? And more importantly than that–ask how do you talk to yourself? The way we talk to ourselves is a behavior that is reflected in our kids as well!

Here are 10 affirmations EVERYONE should print out and hang up in your house- you should repeat these daily and keep them where you can see them until you really truly believe them!!! The more positive we pour into ourselves and our children, the better equipped we all are to deal with all the junk that life throws at us each day. Let’s raise up the next generation of STRONG together!

3. I am KIND
4. I am BRAVE
5. I am ENOUGH
7. I am BOLD
8. I can do ANYTHING
9. I am WORTHY
10. I am STRONG

Finally be sure to remember that these statements aren’t bragging, or that you are awesome because others aren’t, they are just a way to make you feel good and to know that you are amazing, no matter what! So, when the world tries to push you down and tell you you aren’t enough, you can brush it off and know that you are because you tell yourself this and more every single day!!!

Repeat after me…

“I am awesome!” Now- go out there and believe it!