Raising STRONG Boot Camps to Create a Better World

Raising up the next generation of STRONG Girls, Kids and Families to positively impact the world!
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Raising STRONG Boot Camps is excited to offer educational, motivational boot camp-style training to help you discover what STRONG means to you!

Our fitness boot camps focus on finding your STRONG in body, mind and spirit.

Boot Camp Training:

-Raising STRONG Girls, Raising STRONG Kids, Raising STRONG Families

Team and Group Training:

-Raising STRONG Teams/Group Training focused on how we are stronger together

Individual, Personalized Training

-For the individual who thrives Solo


Raising STRONG Boot Camps is proud to present STRONG training.

Training objectives that can help you improve your business, group or team.

-Leadership Training

-Personal Development

-Team Coaching

-Course #1-Learning to Lead: Raising STRONG Training Course

-Course #2-Lead the Leaders- Advanced Raising STRONG Training Course


Speak STRONG will teach you life-lessons focused on changing the way you speak to yourself, your family, your organization or your team.  Learn to speak up through leadership lessons, personal development, inspirational and motivational life changing actions and application activities, with reflection to make it easy to remember and apply what is learned.

Schedule your Speak STRONG session today for your next event:

-Motivational Keynote Speaking

-Interactive Breakout Sessions

-Team/Group Training

-Leadership Development

What People Are Saying

This is an incredible program! I see an unbelievable amount of potential in my daughter. The only thing I felt was standing in the way of her reaching her full potential was her lack of confidence and resilience. All that has changed and we both saw the benefits!
Lisa Skar

Strong Kids Boot Camps is a wonderful experience to share with your children to embrace fitness. My 3-year-old son loved it and learned so much by example from the other children.
Jasper Dayton

My 7 year old, and I decided to go to this boot camp last year and absolutely loved it. My daughter would count down the days to the next time (we went every Monday).
Teri Thomas


Want to connect with your kids? There’s an app for that…

Want to connect with your kids? There’s an app for that…

It’s hard as parents to keep finding ways to connect with our kids and ask them about their days. There are even apps for that!

So here are a few suggestions (in addition to these apps, which I haven’t yet used) that I know are proven to work…Yes or no? Ask open-ended questions…Don’t talk…LISTEN! Read on to learn more!

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True Colors with Raising STRONG-Follow the rules!!!

True Colors with Raising STRONG-Follow the rules!!!

This activity right here... It brings out all the feelings... inclusion or disappointment, bullying or acceptance, how we feel when someone else tries to break the rules that we thought we had to follow....this activity has a HUGE impact on ALL the kids and the...

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5 Steps To Raising Optimistic Children in a Tough World

5 Steps To Raising Optimistic Children in a Tough World

I had just completed a session with about 30 girls, varying in age from 12-17 years old. The session was filled with the signature Raising STRONG teaching-- filled with positive affirmations, words that we can use to empower ourselves, and how we can support the other...

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